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Blurring the musical boundaries between jazz and modern pop, Timothy Bryson is taking innovative strides with his new release entitled, "Playground".

After two decades of writing, arranging and performing with Jazz, R&B, dance and funk bands, Bryson is stepping out on his own to release his first solo recording in 2003.

Having recorded with Linda Hornbuckle, Rubberneck, Curtis Salgado, Terry Robb, and many others, he is often called to play with national recording artists during their performances in the Pacific NW. Such requests have included sessions with The Temptations, Frankie Valli, The Spinners, Four Tops, and Mary Wilson & The Supremes.

His solo CD entitled, "Playground" offers a refreshingly sophisticated collection of jazz tunes featuring sounds from each of the instruments within the saxophone family. Timothy's masterfully stylistic improvisation is setting the beat for today's jazz enthusiast.